CommonGround Commmunity Center

28 Main Street-CommonsGround

It's been a long road, but over the past three years we've gotten the place up and running, if still at less than full speed. Dozens of churches, community-based organizations and individuals have pitched in to serve Owego's children with summer meals, recreational activities, gardening and more.

Trying to keep so many things going, something was bound to get shortchanged. In this case it's our web presence. Please check back,

A building with a proud, diverse heritage

Property records indicate the structure, which began life as a portable chapel, was placed on the site in 1926 by Zion Lutheran Cburch. In 1968, when Zion Lutheran moved to their present location on Waverly Road, the chapel became the home of Berachah Baptist Church, who worshipped there until 2000, when it was acquired by Crown & Covenant Reformed Presbyterian Church. In 2011, after the September flood, the Crown & Covenant congregation moved to Endicott. The building,

Rising from the floodwaters...